Sneak Peek: Annie Oakley

IMG_4694_1I wanted to give you a sneak peek at one of the wonderful exhibits that is being created for the new Wild West Gallery. Local artist and sculptor Janice Hart is creating a life size statue of Annie Oakley which we will use to display one of Annie’s actual guns that we have in our collection. We were so excited to purchase this gun at auction last year as we had been looking for years and guns that she had actually used and have the right provenance are rare.

Janice’s statue will be a very unique way for displaying this gun. She is creating the statue referencing actual photographs of Annie shooting. And when I say “life size” I think people will be really surprised to see what that means. Annie was tiny….she was just five feet tall and extremely petite. But what a powerhouse!

It’s great to be working with Janice again. She was very involved with the original building project and created the magnificent bas relief panels that are on top of the exterior of the building. She is a great artist and she certainly has that cowgirl spirit!