Veryl Goodnight

Veryl Goodnight has dedicated her life to exploring the relationships of pioneer women to wildlife and the West through bronze sculptures and oil paintings. As a wildlife rehabilitator, Goodnight has always been close to the natural world. As an artist she has utilized that knowledge to bring authenticity to her work on over 200 sculptures and 20 monuments. Her award-winning pieces have been displayed throughout the country at museums, zoos, universities, presidential libraries, and in places as far-reaching as Beijing and Botswana. Her most famous piece, “The Day the Wall Came Down,” is a larger-than-life bronze statue depicting five horses leaping over the crumbled Berlin Wall. It currently sits outside the Allied Museum in Berlin with matching castings placed outside the George Bush Presidential Library in College Station, Texas and at the entrance to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) headquarters building in Langley, Virginia.

2016 Cowgirl Honoree – Colorado