Pop Chalee

Artist Pop Chalee was known for her influential and stylized depictions of forest scenes and wildlife, with graceful paintings of deer and horses. Chalee devoted herself to a flat, two-dimensional “traditional” style of Native American painting, but injected lighthearted imaginary touches that appealed to a wide audience of both adults and children. She was commissioned to paint several murals for the Albuquerque Airport in 1945 and helped restore them in 1985. Museums and galleries throughout the United States sought to exhibit her captivating works, including at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., and the Gallery of Living Artists in New York City. Her paintings can be found in many permanent collections, including at the Gilcrease Museum, the Heard Museum, and the Millicent Rogers Museum.

2021 Cowgirl Honoree – New Mexico

1906 – 1993