Need activities to keep your young cowgirls and cowboys busy? Take advantage of our free online resources and activities!
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Craft Corral Coming Soon

Watch instructional videos of crafts to make with items you probably already have at home!

Cowgirl Museum Story Time

Join us for this first Cowgirl Museum Story Time! We will be reading books about cowgirls and Honorees to keep us all connected while social distancing. Enjoy!

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Cowgirl Bingo

Play Bingo with up to six friends and learn about our Cowgirl Honorees!

Click here to download Cowgirl Bingo
(Cards and names to draw are included)

Crack the Cowgirl Code

Calling all detectives! Can you search through our Honoree Database to solve puzzles? Crack the code to discover Cowgirl Honoree Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Lemonade recipe!

Crack the Cowgirl Code

Crack the Cowgirl Code answer key

Honoree database

Google form
(Recipe is available when participants finish the Google form as a jpeg you can view and download)

Ages 9 & up

Word Corral

Download Word Corral

Word Corral answer key

Can you find the hidden words highlighted in the Cowgirl Museum?

Ages 10 – 12 (Grades 4th – 6th)

Callin’ the Brand

Download Callin’ the Brand

Callin’ The Brand answer key

Discover how our Cowgirl Honorees know and identify their cattle!

Ages 8 – 11 (Grades 3rd – 5th)

How to Measure a Horse

Download PDF

The height of a horse is measured in units of hands. The legend is that a king wanted to know how tall his favorite horse was. He didn’t have anything to measure with, so he used the width of his hand, with fingers together and horizontal to the ground. Of course, the problem with this type of measuring is that people’s hands are not all the same width. Today, the “hand” used to measure a horse has been standardized at four inches.

How Does a Horse See

Download PDF

Horses have eyes located on the sides of their heads so they can see nearly all the way around them. This alerts them to many dangers, including being preyed upon by other species in the wild.

Calf Roping Relay

Download PDF

Discover the difficulty in tying a calf within a short amount of time.


For further information on our Hall of Fame Honorees, see the selected bibliography below. Find books by and about them for a richer understanding of these inspiring women who changed the world. Visit your local public library for availability.

Click here to view and download the Annotated Bibliography.