Jane Pattie

Since the publication of her first article in 1958, Jane Pattie has harnessed her passion for the American West as an accomplished freelance writer and photographer who has authored more than 3,000 articles. She has been published in over twenty national and international magazines, including The Quarter Horse Journal, The Paint Horse Journal, Horse & Rider, and Western Horsemen. Her work often focused on iconic cowgirls, such as Mitzi Lucas Riley, Florence Hughes Randolph, and Martha Josey, and the fundamental roles they played in the history of the West. Her work has won multiple awards from organizations such as Western Writers of America, Westerners International, the San Antonio Conservation Society, and the National Cowboy Symposium & Celebration. Aside from writing, Pattie has lived the lifestyle, raising registered Quarter Horses and Thoroughbreds in her native Texas until retirement.

2015 Cowgirl Honoree – Texas

1935 – 2021