Elaine Kramer

For over twenty years, dazzling costumes, white plumed horses and the thrill of a rodeo arena would adorn Elaine Kramer’s life as one of America’s most famous roman riders. She performed her roman riding act with the Flying Valkyries of Palm Springs, California in 1955 and went on to join Jinks Hoglan’s All-Girl Review where...

Laura Ingalls Wilder

Best known for her “Little House” books, Laura was born in a log cabin in Wisconsin and saw the frontier as her family traveled west as pioneer settlers. It is on these experiences that Laura based her books. She captured the successive phases of the American frontier by preserving her own memories of her travels....

Caroline Quiner Ingalls

Matriarch of the Ingalls family, Caroline was an educated and cultured woman despite being born and raised on the frontier. Quiet and gentle, she had five children and was known for her kindness and concern for others. She moved to Kansas with her husband, and then to Minnesota, where she lost her only son. After...