Jan Youren

Jan excels in every rodeo event, especially bareback bronc and bull riding. She has competed for over four decades, winning top honors and world titles in the WPRA. A fervent advocate of the sport since her first bareback bronc ride, Jan also holds clinics to teach young women the art of riding rough stock. Balancing...

Dorothy Satterfield

A popular rodeo performer, Dorothy began her trick riding career at the 1944 Greeley Independence Stampede when she was twelve. Riding Lucky, a horse she raised and trained, Dorothy made rodeos from Texas to California. For more than a decade she worked the rodeo circuit with her husband, Carl. An avid supporter of women’s rodeo,...

Gertrude Maxwell

Gertrude’s parents taught her to be self-sufficient. She spent forty years as a teacher and another thirty years as a hunting outfitter. In addition she ran a ranch, trained and bred horses and dogs and farmed. Her dream of attending medical school vanished in the Depression, so she turned to teaching, even starting a school...